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Looking for an injury chiropractor to provide services for an auto or workplace accident? Local Charlotte, NC residents trust Dr. Tom Brown’s Keith Clinic West. With over thirty years’ experience, Dr. Tom Brown and Dr. Lemuel Byrd Jr. offer exceptional service supported by a friendly and helpful office staff.

Auto Injuries and Whiplash

Even a minor fender-bender car accident can injure your back, neck or connective tissue, but the damage may not be immediately noticeable. You may not experience discomfort or pain for several days after the incident. Pinched nerves, restricted blood flow and intervertebral disc damage are just some of the problems that can develop due to auto accidents. The sooner you see an injury chiropractor after your car accident, the sooner you’ll recover.

Whiplash and Chiropractic Services

When our local Charlotte, NC residents suffer from injuries, especially auto accidents, the most common complaint is whiplash, an injury to the neck caused by a sudden backwards and forwards movement. Like many spinal injuries, whiplash may not be apparent for several days after an accident. If you experience an auto accident, even minor neck or shoulder pain may indicate a more serious auto injury or whiplash, so please contact us as soon as possible for an appointment. Prompt attention from a chiropractor to whiplash and other spinal injuries can prevent more serious injury and long term complications.

Contact Dr. Tom Brown’s Keith Clinic West today.

Injury Chiropractor Services

The neck and spine are marvelous examples of biological engineering, but they aren’t invulnerable. Injuries, especially workplace injuries, can seriously compromise spinal function –and workplace injuries come with the additional frustration of workers compensation paperwork and insurance claims.
At Keith Clinic West, we don’t just provide injury-related chiropractic services, our Charlotte, NC clients also trust our staff with their insurance claims and attention to detail. Red tape is the last thing you want to worry about while under the care of an injury chiropractor. Let our staff help take the headache out of insurance claims and get you back on your feet and back to work.

Call us at 704-392-1338 today to schedule an appointment!

General Chiropractic Services

Too often, you take the spine for granted until injury or improper vertebrae alignment causes pain or irritation, often radiating into the arms and legs. Regular chiropractic adjustments after an accident can maintain spinal cord health while preventing a range of health conditions. By making regular visits to a chiropractor, you can delay, or even avoid, spinal surgery caused by injury, trauma or the wear and tear of aging.

At Keith Clinic West, we put the needs of our patients first, and we pride ourselves on our courteous staff and well-trained, highly experienced chiropractors. Whether you’re looking for general chiropractic services, an auto injury chiropractor or a workplace injury chiropractor, Charlotte, NC residents have come to respect and trust Dr. Tom Brown and the doctors at Keith Clinic West. Call today for an appointment.

Fact vs Myth

If you do not feel any pain within the first 72 hours after an auto accident, then you did not experience injury.

Sometimes it will take 1-2 weeks before you start feeling all of your symptoms.

Patients contact us for two reasons:

  • 1. Immediate pain
  • 2. Prolonged pain that doesn’t go away


If there is no major damage to your car, then you cannot be seriously injured.


Most car accident injuries occur at speeds just below 12 mph.

The threshold for neck injuries is a mere 5 mph. So, low speed accidents reflecting “minimal” car damage do not equate with minimal human body injuries, especially whiplash. Whiplash is dependent upon the load transmitted to the neck. In point of fact, low speed collisions make up a significant percentage of the cases handled and paid out by auto insurance companies.

You cannot experience a low back injury from an automobile accident because your low back is fully protected by the car’s seat.


Scientific evidence demonstrates that low back injuries can result from an auto accident. Insurance companies regularly pay for the treatment of low back injuries.

Even without any treatment, most auto and workplace injuries will simply heal “on their own” within 6 to 12 weeks.


Workplace injuries and auto injuries, if not treated early, may not ever heal properly. This can result in permanent pain and disability. Even seemingly minor headaches or neck pain could be indicators of serious injuries which, left untreated, may lead to long term pain or early arthritis


  • There are approximately 3 million whiplash injuries sustained in the U.S every year.
  • 45% of people with chronic neck pain attribute their pain to a prior car accident.
  • Total annual economic cost for all motor vehicle crashes is $164 billion.
  • Use of shoulder and lap belts reduce the risk of moderate-critical injuries by 50%.
  • Risk of injury is significantly greater in rear end collisions or side collisions versus all other types of accidents.
  • Seatbelts do save lives, but unfortunately, seatbelts increase injury to the lower back.

If you, or someone you know, has been in an auto accident or experienced a work related injury, please contact the chiropractic professionals at Keith Clinic West today for more information about treatment options

Insurance Q and A

Q: Do auto insurance companies pay for treatment of people who were injured in accidents?

A: Yes

Q: I was a passenger; will you send the bill to the auto insurance company?

A:  Yes, we will send the bill to the auto insurance company

Q:  Do I need to go to the hospital before coming to your office?

A: You can come directly to our office without going to the hospital

Q:  Does your office take x-rays?

A:  Yes; x-rays are often part of evaluation.

Q:  I don’t have a lawyer; do I need to get a lawyer?

A:  You can be treated at our clinic without having a lawyer

Q: Do I need a referral to your clinic?

A:  No, you don’t need a referral from an insurance adjuster, medical personal or attorney to be treated at our office. If you have any questions about the insurance process, please call us and we will be happy to assist you.

Do You have Whiplash?

Whiplash is often associated with motor vehicle accidents in which pain is felt in the cervical region. Though the neck is a very flexible strucure, it can be injured when the weight of the head exceeds the neck’s abiliy to control it’s motion.

Typically, during an auto accident there is a jarring motion to the cervical (neck) area of the spine. In a rear-end collission, for example, the neck may suddenly move backwards and then forwards as the car decelerates quickly. The rapid nature of the back and forth motion resembles the action of a whip; thus “whiplash.”

Whiplash injuries may not be felt until several hours or even days following the incident. In fact, often an accident victim will not even realize there is anything wrong physically until 12 to 24 hours after an auto accident.

Some Common Whiplash Symptoms:

  • Stiffness/general achiness of neck or back
  • Headaches
  • Shoulder/neck/arm pain, or burning or numbness
  • Chest pain - may not originate from spine
  • Numbness/tingling/weakness in arms or legs
  • Mid or lower back pain often increases with the movement of the spine
  • All symptoms should be reported to your doctor
Related injuries from whiplash:
  • Vertebral dysfunction - usually seen as sharp localized mid neck or back pain
  • Strain/ sprain to the flexor and extensor muscle groups - usually seen as pain in front or back of neck or lower back
  • Tearing of the retaining ligaments of the spine - very sharp immobilizing pain
  • Subluxation of the vertebrae - sharp pain, increased with movement
  • Injury to other spinal area can result in chest pain, arm or leg pain
  • Other injuries should be evaluated by your chiropractor

These symptoms may indicate you have experienced damage to the supporting muscles, connective tissue of the neck or back. Torn ligaments, discs and vertebrae often have been literally jarred out of position, causing restriction in neck or back motion, pinched nerves, intervertebral joint and disc damage and more. Examination and early treatment is necessary to avoid ongoing neck or back pain or possibly even permanent impairment of your neck and back.