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Auto Accident Injury Chiropractic Care in Charlotte, NC

Auto accidents are an everyday occurrence in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. An auto accident can be as trying emotionally as it can be physically. In fact, unless injuries are severe, you may be tempted to put off seeking treatment from an auto injury chiropractor while you deal with insurance companies, mechanics, attorneys and the mountains of paperwork accidents seem to generate.

Please don’t overlook your health in your rush to return to your “normal life.” Even if you feel fine, it’s important to make an appointment with a chiropractor who specializes in car accident injury care. If you postpone post-accident checkups, you may find yourself in pain or discomfort days or even weeks after your accident—discomfort that could have been avoided with prompt treatment.

Do You Need Auto Injury Chiropractor Treatment?

You should always make an appointment to check your spinal health after any accident, especially after car accidents. Your injuries could cause headaches, numbness or tingling in the shoulders or extremities, generalized pain or whiplash. Don’t ignore these symptoms just to fill out accident reports—you’ll recover faster if you seek immediate care from a chiropractor for your auto accident injury.

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Charlotte, NC chiropractors advise patients to seek treatment even if they feel fine. Numerous medical studies prove even minor car accidents can cause notable injuries. Your car may have escaped with only minor dents, but you’re not a car. And while standard hospital tests can rule out broken bones, fractures and internal bleeding, such tests may miss less obvious spinal trauma, soft tissue damage along the spine, or intervertebral disc bulges.

What if you honestly feel fine after an auto accident? Injury chiropractor and Charlotte, NC resident Dr. Tom Brown recommends making an appointment at the Keith Clinic West anyway. Why? Because a remarkably diverse set of injuries don’t cause symptoms for days or weeks after an accident, including damage to the supporting muscles and connective tissue in the neck and back. Torn ligaments are common, as are pinched nerves and intervertebral spinal disc damage. Spinal cord vertebrae can be jarred slightly out of position by even a minor fender-bender, causing restricted blood flow and pain and degenerative disc ailments.

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Dr. Tom Brown’s Keith Clinic West has provided over 30 years of chiropractic treatment for car accident related injuries to Charlotte and Mecklenburg county residents, helping people return to work and normal life as quickly as possible after the disruption caused by car accidents. Give our friendly, professional staff a call after your accident, and we’ll take care of you. Your spine’s health and proper alignment impacts all aspects of your health—don’t leave its care to chance. Call today for a free phone consultation or to set up an appointment.