Benefits of Early Treatment Immediately After An Accident

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The fact is that some of the most severe symptoms of an auto accident injury may not be readily apparent until days or even weeks after an auto collision. While thinking “I’ll be okay in a few days” is a great attitude, it’s not sound medical practice. Deep soft tissue damage, tingling, numbness, recurrent headaches and even whiplash may result in long term permanent damage. While muscle relaxers and pain medications may offer temporary relief, you need to address the underlying source of pain with proper chiropractic treatments and rehabilitation. The best chance for a full recovery is to seek chiropractic diagnosis and treatment within 72 hours of the incident otherwise the body may start to heal improperly. With proper auto injury chiropractic care, injuries such as soft tissue damage, spinal trauma, pinched nerves and whiplash can be addressed and allow you to recover faster. With early intervention, your pain will be reduced or eliminated, your range of motion will improve and you will have the best opportunity to recover completely from your auto accident injuries.

Another reason to seek immediate evaluation and treatment is because of insurance regulations. Some insurance companies will compare the date of the auto accident with the first day you visited your chiropractic doctor. If the date of an accident and the date you sought treatment are too far apart, your insurance company may actually challenge your insurance claim by determining that you were not actually injured at the time of the accident and therefore they may refuse to pay your insurance claim for treatment.