Neck and Back Injury

Stop Suffering From Accident-Related Pain, and Contact a Chiropractic Professional

There are many causes of back pain, and whether an individual falls, slips, lifts or is struck by an object, an injury can often happen out of nowhere. At Keith Clinic West, we treat patients who have been traumatically injured. Some of our patients experience traumatic injury in a motor vehicle collision where the sudden stopping or acceleration makes the rate of movement greater than the back can tolerate. The unfortunate result is tearing or stretching of the muscles, ligaments, discs and other supporting soft tissue elements that hold or bind the back together. With more than 30 years experience treating Charlotte, NC patients, Dr. Tom Brown and the friendly staff at Keith Clinic West can treat the resulting whiplash, neck pain injuries or back pain people often feel after a traumatic injury or accident.

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No Matter What the Injury, Keith Clinic West Can Help

Every accident is different, and at Keith Clinic West, you can feel confident knowing our staff has experience treating a variety of joint, tissue, and nerve or muscle injuries. In most accidents, individual joints are rarely injured. Instead, the connective tissue, nerves, soft tissues and discs sustain the greatest amount of stress during the impact.

Typically, the tearing of the individual joint often results in the joint becoming “loose or sloppy.” However, depending on the direction of force, the joint can also become jammed. If an individual doesn’t seek appropriate treatment for injured joints in the back, the joint may heal with permanently-altered mechanics. At Keith Clinic West, our welcoming staff is always ready to begin therapy to improve joint mobility and, ideally, remove the risk for permanent damage all together. Left untreated, even minor neck pain injuries can result in long term pain and dysfunction.

A Neck Pain Chiropractor Charlotte, NC Residents Can Trust for Therapy and Healing

If you’ve been in an accident and are looking for neck injury treatment in Charlotte, NC, contact Dr. Tom Brown’s Keith Clinic West. Our experienced chiropractors understand that proper, timely therapy and restoration of individual joint mobility will most likely result in full restoration of the joint function – and even decrease the possibility of joint impairment!

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Unfortunately, for any back or neck-related injury, there’s always a chance that the supporting ligaments of the spinal joints heal with scar tissue, causing the joint to function improperly; the “catch” in the neck or back, and the proper motion and function may never return to normal again. However, with proper chiropractic care from Keith Clinic West, including necessary neck pain diagnostic evaluation, therapy and adjustments, it’s possible for an individual to heal correctly. Thankfully, expert neck pain injury treatment is accessible in Mecklenburg County. Pain relief is available when you contact Keith Clinic West today.

Dr. Tom Brown and Dr. Lemuel Byrd Jr. have over three decades experience in back pain and neck injury treatment for Charlotte, NC residents, as well as treatment for whiplash, auto accident injuries and workplace-related injuries. For top notch chiropractic back pain care, contact Dr. Tom Brown’s Keith Clinic West.