The place to go if you want to have real healing
All the staff are great, too. Been going there 15 years.
All the staff are great.

Beverly Warters Glover Charlotte

Dr Brown is the best!

Brian GriffithCharlotte

My mom went to Dr. Keith many times for her bad back (So did I) I remember one time in particular, Dr. Keith came to the house and worked on Mama right there in her bed
until she could get up and go to the office for treatments.
—He was one in a million!

Kelley Webster CrookCharlotte

Dr. Brown and his staff are the best.
I seriously would recommend anyone to go to this office.

Meg Smith Charlotte

Dr. Brown was very informative in trying to get me back on the right track.
I can’t say anything negative—they are awesome! 
The nurses were wonderful.

Sabrina Charlotte

Ya’ll were awesome! God bless all of you!!
Yes, the staff made me feel very welcome
I wouldn’t change a thing. They do a very good job.
The staff is very nice. Very welcoming and polite. Always willing to help.
I haven’t missed an appointment. I look forward to coming.

God bless all of you!!